I love paint. I love the soft, dusty, velvety feel of a pastel stick. I love loading a brush and the buttery feel of oil paint being stroked on a canvas. I love the smell of oil paint and linseed oil.

I love color.  I love the process of mixing paints and creating colors. I love placing colors next to one another until a painting glows. Every time I open one of my pastel sets, it feels like Christmas all over again. All those beautiful colorful sticks are like tiny little packages under the tree, just itching to be tried out and sampled. I love finding colors that harmonize and sing with each other or a color that screams “look at me!”

I love being outside. When I look at nature, I’m drawn both to place and detail. The world is full of abstract shapes and patterns waiting to be discovered — the light and dark areas created when leaves overlap with sunlight behind them, the overlooked forms that a rose’s shadow casts upon another flower, the minute detail in a single blossom or the abstract masses of trees among swaying grasses.

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